Newcomer scholarship for refugees

Unternehmerclub Berlin and ESCP Europe give away newcomer scholarship for refugees

Until March 27, 2016 interested parties can apply for the newcomer scholarship of the entrepreneurial leadership programme UNTERNEHMERSCHULE. “Newcomer is clearly a more positive term than refugee,” explains Dr. René Mauer of ESCP Europe referring to the choice of the term. The full scholarship is aimed at motivated entrepreneurial newcomer who gained first work experiences as entrepreneurs, start-up entrepreneurs or by working in family businesses. UNTERNEHMERSCHULE is designed to empower talented managers driving innovation forward in their organization. Beneath the implementation of the latest management tools we provide you with a personal mentor and a safe practice space in which you can work on your ideas and turn them into a competitive business model.

“We are looking for personalities who take actions by showing an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to set examples and give orientation for other people,” elaborates Mauer. The allocation of the scholarship is decided by members of the Unternehmerclub, representatives of ESCP Europe and representatives of the entrepreneurial initiatives.

Please contact Sven Scheid for further information.

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