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Newcomer scholarship for refugees

Unternehmerclub Berlin and ESCP Europe give away newcomer scholarship for refugees Until March 27, 2016 interested parties can apply for the newcomer scholarship of the entrepreneurial leadership programme UNTERNEHMERSCHULE. “Newcomer is clearly a more positive term than refugee,” explains Dr. René Mauer of ESCP Europe referring to the choice of the term. The full scholarship… Weiter »

U-SCHOOL Kamingespräch coming up! 17th of March

U-SCHOOL-Kamingespräch coming up! This time it’s all about: Making Society – Integration through Entrepreneurial Solutions on the 17th of March 7:30pm. Speaker will be: Anne Kjaer Riechert, Managing Director of ReDI School of Digital Integration gGmbH Sven Lager, Head of Sharehaus Check the invitation for further information.

U-SCHOOL 2015 – finale!

The last module of U-SCHOOL ended on Saturday. On their last day the participants had to pitch about their U-SCHOOL experience – celebrating their certificates with champagne and cake afterwards. YEAH! Thanks for 8 thrilling and entrepreneurial months, guys! Check out some of the photos here.

U-SCHOOL Kamingespräch

Mastering digital transformation Jörg Rheinboldt (Axel Spinger Plug and Play), Lars Zimmermann (hy!) and Rahmyn Kress (Accenture) discussed this topic in the framework of U-SCHOOL Kamingespräche. The event was sponsored by Buenos drinks. Check out the photos here. Find a collection of live tweets from the event on Storify.

01-Sven Scheid

SVEN SCHEID Programme Director


RAHMYN KRESS Managing Director, Telecom, Media and Technology Accenture


RENÉ MAUER Chair of Entrpreneurship at ESCP Europe

UNTERNEHMERSCHULE-Kamingespräch coming soon!

This time it’s all about Mastering digital transformation on the 25th of November – 6:30pm. Speaker will be: Lars Zimmermann, CEO (hy!) Rahmyn Kress, Managing Director (Accenture) The evening will be moderated be by Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO (Axel Springer Plug and Play) Check the invitation for further information.


We look back at three exciting days with UNTERNEHMERSCHULE  at our ESCP Europe campus in Berlin. The 3rd module „MANAGE“ was all about Strategy, Negotiation and Finance.  Check out the photos here.