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red pill

“U-SCHOOL was for me like taking the red pill!”

After tree exciting and informative days full of digital transformation, digital marketing and hot topics like failing and the dark side of entrepreneurship, this year’s participants completed the last module out of four. In his final presentation, Thomas Beyer compared his personal U-SCHOOL experience with the blockbuster Matrix: “U-SCHOOL was for me like taking the red pill!”

We are happy that you could liberate yourself from the Matrix and look forward to continue together along our chosen path into reality.

Keep entrepreneuring and check out the photos!

U-SCHOOL – 3rd module

Module 3 of U-SCHOOL (Unternehmerschule) – time to fine-tune the project!

Recently the participants of #USCHOOL finished their third module on the Berlin Campus. It was all about Managing – their projects’ strategy as well as the numbers. By the example of ted talks, they learned more about storytelling to pitch their ideas in a powerful way.

During a special session, every participant got feedback by different experienced mentors of our network.

We are looking forward to the last module in November! Keep entrepreneuring!

Check out the photos here!

U-SCHOOL – 2nd module in Paris

Three days in Paris: The participants of U-SCHOOL just finished their 2nd module.

At the Paris campus, they continued working on their project, learning more about MBTI, Entrepreneurial Branding, Marketing of Innovations and Negitiation. The participants spent one entrepreneurial day at NUMA Paris, an innovation and startup hub, and visited the Microsoft Accelerator Paris.

Of course, watching the football match Germany – Poland and eating in a typical French Brasserie were a must!

We are looking forward to the next module in September – back in Berlin!

Check out the photos here.

U-SCHOOL 2016 – 1st Module

U-SCHOOL, round 3: Class 2016 of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme has run through their first module „Ideate“.

For three days, the 14 participants were reframing their initial project ideas using concepts and tools such as LeanStartup, Tiger Riding and Design Thinking. During networking events, the participants could exchange ideas and experiences with Unternehmerklub members, entrepreneurship mentors, alumni of U-SCHOOL and EMDIEL students (Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership).

During the next module “Jump”, our participants will have to put their ideas to the test … see you in Paris in June!

Check out the photos here!

Newcomer scholarship for refugees

Unternehmerclub Berlin and ESCP Europe give away newcomer scholarship for refugees

Until March 27, 2016 interested parties can apply for the newcomer scholarship of the entrepreneurial leadership programme UNTERNEHMERSCHULE. “Newcomer is clearly a more positive term than refugee,” explains Dr. René Mauer of ESCP Europe referring to the choice of the term. The full scholarship is aimed at motivated entrepreneurial newcomer who gained first work experiences as entrepreneurs, start-up entrepreneurs or by working in family businesses. UNTERNEHMERSCHULE is designed to empower talented managers driving innovation forward in their organization. Beneath the implementation of the latest management tools we provide you with a personal mentor and a safe practice space in which you can work on your ideas and turn them into a competitive business model.

“We are looking for personalities who take actions by showing an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to set examples and give orientation for other people,” elaborates Mauer. The allocation of the scholarship is decided by members of the Unternehmerclub, representatives of ESCP Europe and representatives of the entrepreneurial initiatives.

Please contact Sven Scheid for further information.

U-SCHOOL Kamingespräch coming up! 17th of March

U-SCHOOL-Kamingespräch coming up!

This time it’s all about:

Making Society – Integration through Entrepreneurial Solutions on the 17th of March 7:30pm.

Speaker will be:

Anne Kjaer Riechert, Managing Director of ReDI School of Digital Integration gGmbH

Sven Lager, Head of Sharehaus

Check the invitation for further information.

U-SCHOOL 2015 – finale!

The last module of U-SCHOOL ended on Saturday. On their last day the participants had to pitch about their U-SCHOOL experience – celebrating their certificates with champagne and cake afterwards. YEAH!

Thanks for 8 thrilling and entrepreneurial months, guys!

Check out some of the photos here.

U-SCHOOL Kamingespräch

Mastering digital transformation

Jörg Rheinboldt (Axel Spinger Plug and Play), Lars Zimmermann (hy!) and Rahmyn Kress (Accenture) discussed this topic in the framework of U-SCHOOL Kamingespräche. The event was sponsored by Buenos drinks.

Check out the photos here.

Find a collection of live tweets from the event on Storify.

Out now: UNTERNEHMERSCHULE brochure 2016

Check out our new UNTERNEHMERSCHULE brochure here!

UNTERNEHMERSCHULE-Kamingespräch coming soon!

This time it’s all about Mastering digital transformation on the 25th of November – 6:30pm.

Speaker will be:

Lars Zimmermann, CEO (hy!)

Rahmyn Kress, Managing Director (Accenture)

The evening will be moderated be by Jörg Rheinboldt, CEO (Axel Springer Plug and Play)

Check the invitation for further information.